स्वरम् , Signature, Shaligram Group

Swaram which means Sargam of harmony. The design of the house mainly depends on creating harmony through Jingle of Segments. Each Room is designed with one segment i.e. Plane, Planks, Cube and lets that segment flow in musical notes based on accent & tone to create ambience. The wardrobe is detailed with the play of  Void & Devoid Pattern and merge it with segments throughout the house. Jingle is showcased with the Flow of Square in Temple, Plank moving in the waveform in Children’s room, Plane flowing in Circle direction to Merge at Center, Ceiling of rooms, Painting & Grids in the living room, Customised light, Legs of all furniture & their Engraved carving all of this make us feel the motion of segment, which create a Musical note for a person to move around and Reside in space.

  • Client : Shaligram Group.
  • Status : Complete
  • Location : C-202, Signature, Adajan, Surat.