अद्वैतम् , Desai's Residence

Advaitam which means Essence of Oneness. The client wanted something Abstract which determines its Character and something Illusory which altogether Merges to create Essence. So the house was designed with One Abstract Pattern which starts from Entrance Ceiling, flow throughout different rooms and comes down to the doors in Central space. Every room was design with different Illusion and feeling of the person going to reside in it i.e. The wall of master bedroom is created with Pixel Myths to narrate a pattern that give significance to Illusion of Scattered Thoughts. All Artifacts and Decorative Light bring Harmony among space.The colours that are White and Grey which Differentiate and make us understand what is Real and what is Illusory.

  • Client : Mr. Nilesh Desai.
  • Status : Complete
  • Location : A101 Saffron, Adajan, Surat.