परम , Zanzmera's Residence

The Essence of Interior Design will always be based on how the Objects and Wall Palette are chosen in it, Communicating with one another, Respond and Balance one another. So here in this project we have created such essence by mixing traditional principles and modern design. Their were 2 living space. The formal space depict more traditional thought i.e. The Element of Mandala used here depict Art and Aesthetic, contrasting with the flow of lines to create Ambiguity of space. The every projection on consecutive wall and furnishing amalgate to form center perspective at the wall which is selected to give the impression of mandala as it hold the Vision of the Space. And on informal space, Geometry of Continuous Rubix skeleton Pattern is used to give infinite options to generate mind-blowing pattern. Creating Nooks and use of Soft Color palette Enhance it and Change your perception towards typical Geometry pattern. Along with that Client has a great passion of reading books. According to him when you read a book, it fills you with this weird enliven zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together. So we worked out with minimalist design approach and tried to bring out that zest in space. Other Delicately portrayed pattern are seen on wall. One of such is  Square art created on study area and same is followed on wardrobe further creating reflection on mirror as such to give language and Ambiguity to the space.

  • Date : 11/07/2019
  • Client : Mr Vithalbhai Zanzmera
  • Status : Complete
  • Location : Shreepad Panaroma, Adajan, Surat