अतुल्य , Sutariya's Residence

One Space – Two Color palette – The Concept of Timeless Beauty and Elegance of Marble Paired with different material is used over here by adding Marble to the wall to create focal point on plain canvas Which can transform a wall into a piece of eclectic style. Balance of geometric lines and its abstract pattern along with color hue is seen in these apartment. Temple design is always been a challenge in the project. It always call for the merger between Modern and elegant traditional touch. Here we had use the brass dripping pattern at the back to Show the flow of faith which is the very essence of space..The bedroom designed over here is focused to create a luxurious space with minimal contemporary vibe. So Various elements were made customized to add more artistic touch to the space. A simple pretty corner were also seen with Perception of Interesting Pattern and Color which Balances the space over Hustling Furnishing and still keep a modern contemporary aesthetics.

  • Date : 05/06/2019
  • Client : Jagdish Sutariya
  • Status : Complete
  • Location : Shaligram Signature, Adajan, Surat